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360 Degrees Branding
All parts should work together as one unit.
Marketing Strategy & Content. Layers binding together.
Creativity is a tool to stand out.
Your business branding is your ID card. ​
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Fabulous Unicorn will provide you with a wide range of services - to leverage and grow your business activity.

Our joint mission is accessibility and rememberability. 

Communication with the audience and improve their engagement with your business.


Customized branding that supports the business vision and targets these audiences.

Business plan and vision: checked.

Step-by-step, your next branding station is a marketing strategy.

The marketing and business planning will lead to accurate graphic and marketing languages for your business.

It is about the look & feel of your business.

An attractive appearance can make a difference; make your uniqueness stand out.

Eventually, it will allow your business to stand out in your professional field.

Who are we?

Fabulous Unicorn is Shlomit Eshet, an MBA degree (Business and Marketing) and Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. 

Shlomit has an extensive experience of more than 10 years in each field.

This unique combination makes it possible to provide your business with customized services:

Marketing: Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Marketing Content, etc.

Branding and Design: 360 degrees Branding, Re-branding, Logo Design, Website building, presentations, etc.

I can’t wait to join your business journey and provide you with professional support and diversity tools to improve your business performance.

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