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The Colors of Branding

How do your brand colors affect your brand?
There is a color theory, and you should be familiar with this theory; consider it when you choose your brand colors.

color wheel on pink-red background, The Color of Branding

Your brand choices of colors should serve your brand values, not be random. Even if eventually it does not fully comply with the theory, it is something to be aware of and to know the baseline.

The theory is based on scientific and psychological grounds. Yet theories are theories, and almost every theory has a contradicting theory.
That is why you should be familiar with the fundamentals behind the theory. To approach your business branding with knowledge and not in an impulsive way.
The color wheel includes primary, secondary, and tertiary colors in it.
Primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.
Secondary colors: green, orange, and purple (created when primary colors are mixed).
Tertiary colors: made of primary and secondary colors. Such as blue-green, red-violet, and so on.
When referring to the psychological and emotional levels. Each color reflects differently in our subconscious.

Red: confidence, desire, strength.
Blue: wisdom, stability, loyalty.
Yellow: energy, fun, joy.
Orange: creativity, enthusiasm, happiness.
Green: friendly, life, harmony.
Purple: power, magic, spirituality.
Pink: inspiration, compassion, hope.
Brown: organic, health, comfort, nature.
Gray: security, self-control, mutually.
Black: formal, classic, luxury.
White: purity, simplicity, clean.

The colors wheel

The graphic language of your business is a significant choice. It will represent your business; who you are as a professional.

You should pay attention to the details so that the colors will represent your brand values most accurately. To be noticeable in your business environment, to stand out.

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